Scale Seven Musings and Jottings

My good friend Peter Dungey has just finished "prototype 1" of the revetting press based on Peter Drost's clever little creation and his sketch dimensions.

A couple of pictures below provide an idea of the result and some of the unguided test pieces. We will be off to Swanage to measure and photo some rivets and bolts of various sizes and situations - then return to experiment with differing anvil holes.

We will be experimenting with a table to enhance stability with a slot/hole to hold the anvils and a 'T' rather than a bar fence .

Note that the brass used was 20 thou rather than the usual 10 to 15 thous usual for cab, tender sides etc. Our next stage will have expected thickness material with re dimensioned anvils.

The Experiment Continues

Peter has taken my old Unimat and mounnted the beast on the bed - obviously it allows some precision of movement.

Next stage is to run reduce the anvil holes to try to get a finer rivet.